IFS is one institution, where pupils are given opportunity to excel in a variety of extra- curricular activities, such as:

  • Excursion
  • Sports
  • Research and Exploration
  • Debates
  • Drama
  • Music and Dance, as well as exciting intellectual exercises in the JETS and Press Clubs.

Annual Cultural Programme and variety show are two major events that inspire our pupils and students to play freely and think logically as they engage in several activities deliberately designed to spur the discovery of potentials and to enhance good self-esteem.

Our seasoned and efficient teachers are among the best in Nigeria’s pool of graduates. They are ready at all times to impart knowledge on pupils/students with the conviction that achieving the best is possible for every child.

The resident and experienced guidance counselor at the secondary school section does not only offer a second to non-expert guidance and counseling programme to enable our students tackle emotional problems, but also ensures that every child selects a combination of subjects that will eventually lead to a fulfilled and socially independent future.

IFS ensures that, each child’s unique path to greatness is supported in an academically exciting and pragmatically rich environment.  Education at IFS is aimed at helping students to get to a point where they can learn on their own.

Yes! We don’t only meet but also exceed expectation!!